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Monday, 23 December 2013

Not a very Christmassy blog... oh well!!


I thought I should do a Christmas blog while I'm still in London :) Amazingly, I don't have any pictures of myself in a "sexy Santa" outfit or any of that business, so instead, here's a new picture of me wearing Lady Allura's Latex, by Alec Davies. The colours are sort of Christmassy, maybe :p

I'm in Somerset for Christmas to spend time with my family, catching the train tomorrow morning with the cats, which should be fun. Look out for the girl in the vintage (faux) silverfox coat and turban with two bald cats in jumpers on matching velvet and diamante leads :p Dexter and Lilith like to sit with me at a table on the train and watch the world go by out the window.

Chloe-Jasmine Whichello also invited me over for Christmas but unfortunately I only booked off enough time to spend with my family- then it's straight back to London. This is also why I've not booked any shoots in the southwest over Christmas. Hopefully CJ and I will have time for afternoon tea somewhere in London in the new year :)

Last night, Hannah Ashlea and I met up for the first time in ages- she was terribly jetlagged from her flight from Hong Kong but still braved it out for a two-hour "Jack the Ripper" tour of Whitechapel with me last night, looking as gorgeous as ever!

The weather stayed dry and it actually wasn't that cold out of the wind. The tour was super gory and interesting and afterwards we went for mulled wine at The Ten Bells, the Victorian pub where some of the victims, and most likely the Ripper himself at some point, drank in 1888. It was creepy but fun to imagine everyone in the pub in Victorian clothing, lit by gas lamps, with the street outside pitch black, without a single streetlight.

I wore a Victorian style high-collared black blouse with a lace panel on the chest and lots of little buttons running down the spine, with my Victorian mourning locket and long black skirt. I love to dress up! I must have let my imagination run away with me as I had super-realistic dreams/ nightmares all last night about being trapped in a house with a blood-crazed disembowelment enthusiast. Um, hope that never happens o.O

  1. Bath cats and put them in their woolly jumpers (it's cold today, even with the fire lit!)
  2. Pack for my Christmas break- my wardrobe, and the cats'
  3. Have a Bareskin Beauty Green Clay Mask

Over and out! This is my last proper blog before Christmas but no doubt I'll be posting silly pics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr over the next couple of days!

Merry Christmas!

Anita x