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Sunday, 8 December 2013

"Classic but fucked" #NakedSundays by Perou

I have a new nude photo from my bloodstained shoot with Perou at The Bunker :)

Perou calls this set "classic but fucked."

Hair and makeup (except the blood): me.

Perou let me take as long as I liked over hair and makeup so I took a stab at victory rolls :)

You probably saw this one already

What I sort of like about the top image is that to me at least, I look quite strong/ solid/ womanly, even though it's quite a classic/ modest/ demure sort of a pose. It's not an aspect of myself I often see in nude photos, especially with my build, which often lends itself to looking a bit more either waif-like and ethereal, androgynous and athletic, or kind of sharp and pointy, like the Judderman, if anyone remembers that advert :p

Channelling the Judderman

Perou and me at Aura in Mayfair. Photo shoot over =/= ridiculous hair and makeup being over, nuh-uh.

Having decided to take December off to relax and regroup, yesterday was my first day in at least 8 weeks of actually doing NOTHING ALL DAY. It felt INCREDIBLY WEIRD but I do feel refreshed today!

On Friday, Roswell Ivory and I visited the National Portrait Gallery to see the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize and Starring Vivien Leigh exhibitions, both of which were interesting and inspiring in their own ways.


There are just so many ways to express or construct aspects of a personality or moments in a person's life in photographs.

This was followed by live Elizabethan music among the Tudor portraits and dinner at Tokyo Diner in Chinatown, my third Japanese meal in three days.

I want to go back to the NPG this month for the Man Ray and Pre-Raphaelite Muse exhibitions.

I need to update my online portfolios BADLY.

Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe more galleries.

Anita x