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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Professional restraint vs total lack of restraint in real life :p

This week, #NakedSundays is brought to you by Restrained Elegance, the classiest bondage site on the net, in case you didn't already see it on Tumblr/ Twitter/ Facebook :) Something weird happened to the quality when I uploaded it from my computer but you can watch the full high quality video in the website's members' area.

I write to you from my own sofa (for once), where I am curled up in front of a roaring fire in my leopard print PJs drinking Vita Coco and having a hungover Simpsons marathon with a friend who's visiting from the Shire. What was going to be civilised birthday drinkies for a friend of a friend in Camden last night turned into a bit of a late-night rampage on Crystal Head Vodka! I must get a bottle for my little cocktail-making zone at home, not that I can bear to think about cocktails too much right now.

I did a LOT of online shopping this morning, which may not have been advisable, but then I did get two pairs of amazeballs shoes and four dresses for under £40, boom! Including my NYE dress, silver sequinned zebra print for seeing The Prodigy :D :D I have gold sparkly studded cowboy boots but I'd really like to find a silver pair to match, hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

My little baldie cats are in their new winter jumpers. Lilith is in blue, because it goes with her eyes and some of her "blue" colouring, and Dexter is in pink, because he's gay.

"I hate you, Mom."

*drinks more coconut water*

Anita x