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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fetish Eyes "Anita De Bauch Tribute" 2012 Calendar

I'm on the cover of the official Fetish Eyes latex models 2012 calendar, and from what I can tell, 11 - 12 of the months inside, too (sometimes it's tough to tell who the girl is under all that rubber!). I've been allowed to preview it in advance of its release and these are my favourite shots in there, I think! Some of them are my most recent work, others are really old school, from when I was just starting out in the strange and sparkly world of modelling!

Latex + feathers is always good <3

 Latex elf-doll!

And that cool vintage aeroplane/ vintage car shot that was my first centerfold :)

Each A3 calendar features THIRTEEN colour images and is priced at £25. To order yours, send your payment via PayPal to with subject line "2012 Fetish Calendar" and your delivery address attached. Enjoy :) And let me know what you think when you've received yours :)

Liam and I had a very domestic day today... had a lie-in, bathed the cats, strolled to Sainsburys to do the shopping and then Liam took us for a late Sunday lunch at this lovely pub in a converted church that we go to quite a lot. I'm compensating for my chicken crockpot lunch with an Innocent veg pot for dinner. The Mexican one is the best ^^

EDIT 7.15 pm: I have just been informed by the Fetish Eyes webmaster that every photo in the calendar is of me because it is in fact an "Anita De Bauch Tribute Calendar"! I'm so flattered! *squee*