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Friday, 14 October 2011


Yay, new shiny photo with red hair! ^.^ I'm really pleased with how my makeup came out, too :)

Photographer: Jef | Styling: me | Corset: Heavenly Corsets

The extent of today's excitement was to do with apartment renovating, after the initial burst of activity when my first wave of enthusiasm/ sense of novelty regarding interior decorating ran out. It's slowly bubbling back so today I picked out a new bathroom floor, pretty new light pulls and some bits and pieces for the other rooms, like brass dimmer switches, chocolate satin cushions and a deco-looking lamp. Once I've had someone in to actually lay the floor, my white and brass shabby chic bathroom will finally be done :D Next up: having the kitchen and hallway painted (kitchen in a delicate lemon yellow to complement all the baby pink accessories)!

Oh, and my Playful Promises package arrived xD

Loooooooooooove <3

My shoot this weekend was cancelled so I have a whole weekend to myself for the first time in months! My only plans so far are aerobics tomorrow morning followed by a local history talk at Muswell Hill Library in the afternoon, and yoga on Sunday; such is my exciting life. May also finally get around to watching The Hunger, drink wine and eat pizza, though, so it's not all dull ;p