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Friday, 24 June 2011

Full page ad in 'Kilkenny Now'

Thought I'd write a blog update while I'm waiting for my dinner to cook. I'm making chicken breasts stuffed with oregano, reduced fat mozzarella and sliced mushrooms, wrapped in smoked turkey bacon and served with sweet potato mash, cherry tomatoes roasted in extra virgin olive oil and green spinach salad  for Liam and our lovely new flatmate, Ross, a high school English teacher and, most importantly, a cat lover ;) Dexter is sitting on my shoulder and observing my typing as we speak! Lilith is still quite lithe and ladylike, but he's getting to be quite a stocky little (bald) man :)

L - R: Dexter and Lilith catching the sunset rays on the defunct speakers in our living room (I'll be shopping for new 5.1 surround sound speakers sometime over the next few days!)

Back to modelling :) I discovered I was in a full page ad for Seamus Costelloe Photography in the May issue of Ireland's Kilkenny Now magazine, while I was touring there last week. I'm very proud that Seamus continues to use photos he's taken of me to advertise his full-time and highly successful photography business. And he thoughtfully kept a copy back for me so I could post a picture in my blog :)

I think this photo was taken during the same trip we shot the photo that went alongside my recent interview in Alt Fashion magazine :)

I'm off to get the bubbly out of the fridge and mash some sweet potatoes! Om nom nom :D