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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Zelig's 'Sartor Resartus' album cover

I seem to remember that one of my new year's resolutions was to work with more rockstars this year (I daren't check the list of resolutions to jog my memory as I'm pretty sure I'm not keeping most of them!). This resolution seems to be going well so far, with an acting role in the most successful British heavy metal band since Iron Maiden, Cradle of Filth's music video for 'Lilith Immaculate', and now an album cover too, for obscure British indie band Zelig :)

You can listen to a track from Sartor Resartus here and buy the album at Zelig shows. Rock 'n' roll!

In slightly less rock 'n' roll news, I had my first ever professional pedicure today! Up until now I've just been doing it myself in the tub every Tuesday evening, but after a hectic whirlwind tour of Scotland and Ireland I feel like paying other people to take a little work off my hands- and my feet too ;) Having someone else pumice my feet made me giggle as I'm ridiculously ticklish but the whole experience was so relaxing and now my feet feel fab! I sort of want to skip around in bare feet ^^ Looking forward to my shoot at Adrian Pini Studios tomorrow- I think we're shooting at least some nudes so hopefully I'll be able to get my toes out at some point :p