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Sunday, 26 June 2011


Just got back from the first acu-lymphatic facial I've had in ages... I try to have one every single month to keep my skin really glowing but sometimes there just isn't time, or at least, not enough time in London (I'm agonisingly picky about dermatologists so I can't bring myself to just wander into the nearest spa of whatever corner of the world I find myself in). I always forget just how relaxing it is. I get tension in my jaw for some reason and my facial lady just massages it right out. Last time I actually fell asleep for half an hour, right there on the table!

Anyway, I'm flattered to learn that you guys have made me one of the "Most Wanted" models on "nude art" photography website Breath-Takers (18+) :) I'm not always mad-keen on paysites but I really like the attitude behind this one and the way that the photographer based the  photo sets around my personality and style rather than trying to squeeze me into a bronzed, busty "girl next door" mold that might not have fit so well :) He also had a wonderful vintage lingerie collection that he let me play with!

If you like the photos, please do email to let the webmaster know so that they'll invite me back to shoot some more :)