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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Make me happy and be mine, be my Vintage Valentine!

I took these at 7 am in a vintage 1950s sweetshop just around the corner from my house that I managed to source for my client :) They have a tearoom next door that does lush coffee and homemade cakes :)

We only had 2 hours to shoot three latex outfits before the shop opened to the public, so to save time I wore the first outfit under my trench coat on the way there, like a proper old perv, and showed up in full makeup with rollers in my hair and a scarf wrapped over the top. Shexy! But it meant that we could pretty much get stuck in straight away :)

 Pretty much all the stuff you see on the shelves is for sale at very reasonable prices, if you happen to want to buy a vintage tea set in North London. I sure do ^^

 I like the way the stripes on the skirt perfectly map out the 3D shape of my bum in this one :p

Photographer: Roy Rookes
Hair and makeup: me

I also liked this outtake type shot- I think it may have been one of those times where I thought the photographer was just taking a lighting test so was just chatting and chilling instead of posing. It's probably too casual to use in my portfolio but I like it as a "this is what I looked like when I was 24 and had hair long enough to curl" picture for my memories box :)

You can see the rest of the shoot that we did in the tearoom next door here, if you're interested :) This is the reference that Roy, the photographer, gave me, regarding this shoot:

"Had the pleasure of working with Anita early today, it was a shoot she had arranged with another photographer who had to pull out. His loss was my gain! The venue Anita had sorted was fantastic.

"Anita arrived with the fist latex outfit on under her coat and most of her makeup done. The three latex outfits she brought along were perfect for the location. Anita posed without direction on most of the shots but took direction when needed.

"Anita was hard working and fun. I highly recommend her."