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Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, and all that shit

I'm overrun with treats today! Fantastic news #1: I'll be modelling for Bryon Paul McCartney's Tuscany Fine Art Nude Photography Workshop in July! I love Italy!

Liam and I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day as it's a bit commercial and crass, not to mention only three weeks after our anniversary (so we've just had our annual lovey-dovey celebration) but I did get Liam a gift this year as I found something that was totally perfect, a navy Burberry trench coat to replace his disintegrating non-designer black one, which he was really pleased with :)

Liam's cooking us meze tonight and opening a bottle of bubbly. I don't know if I mentioned before, but on our seventh anniversary he finally popped the words that every girl, deep down, wants to hear from her S.O. at a certain point into the relationship... "Buy any shoes you like, darling, and I'll pay." :D :D :D

I had a £200 budget, so instead of going to a shop and buying one nice designer pair, I've raided my local charity shops for second-hand bargains and ordered several cut-price designer pairs from eBay ^^ Shoooooooooooooooooe lurrrrrrrrrve!!!!

I'll probably use the grey and white ones for bridal modelling, and all of them for various styles of boudoir :) And I couldn't resist buying myself a new pair of vintage fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings to wear with them!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone- and if you're single, buy gifts and celebrate with your friends! :) This year, I sent Gemini Rayne a wall calendar full of vintage fashion photos and some chocolate that I thought she might enjoy! You don't have to be in love to show love to your loved ones on Valentine's Day, it's a great thing to do at any time of the year :)