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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Valkyrie Corsets and 'Lighting the Nude' 2010

I seem to have been doing an incredible number of latex shoots recently, which is always fun but it's nice to be able to post something a little different today :)

I recently went to Birmingham to shoot for two different designers with Julian M Kilsby, whose work I've been admiring for a while :) We got through both assignments at a frighteningly efficient pace so I ended up wrapped up and back at the station well early, reading A Christmas Carol and eating mushroom soup in the Camden Food Co while waiting for my train home :)

Here is the set we shot for Valkyrie Corsets, who I actually walked for at a show last year, I think! It's hard for me to pick favourites but I think maybe the first one :) It makes me think of an ad for cars or perfume or something!

Hair and makeup courtesy of yours truly, again, although I think my efforts have been somewhat neatened up in Photoshop ;)

My art nude work seems to have been really overshadowed by all the fashion work I've been doing recently, so I was especially pleased to discover that I'm on the back cover of the latest Lighting the Nude book (Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets, 2010 revised edition)!

Lighting the Nude is such a well-known text that even I've heard of it, so it's very cool to think I'm a part of the series now! Presumably there's a bit inside with diagrams explaining how to get the lighting on this shot of me by Gregory Brown :) I think this is at least the third time this photo has been published somewhere now!

You can buy a copy on Amazon here if you're interested

My friend Ivory Flame is on the cover, (shot by a photographer I've worked with many times myself, including for a week in Spain earlier this year, John Evans) which is extra cool as she is simply made of naked awesome!

I'm off to bed for some much-needed beauty sleep!! More shooting tomorrow! :D