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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Outtakes from around the world

The end of the year; a time to review oneself and one's work. In digging through my full-to-bursting hard drive I found a concerning number of photos of me messing about during lighting tests, so in a break from the traditional posting-meticulously-posed-and-Photoshopped professional images, I present to you some professional lighting tests and behind the scenes snaps.

Professional on the behalf of the photographers, that is.

Malta, January. It was absolutely freezing on the coast!

London, February. Multi-tasking with Binky: checking out the photos-so-far while holding the grey card for Adam Robertson

Switzerland, July. Shooting Joy Williams latex with The Beauty of Abyss and Cornelius Fischer

Singapore, November with Callan and Kevin of Cake Images LLP

Ireland, December. Me hiding in my new Burberry trench coat during the lighting test with Sean McCormack

Lille, December. Lighting test for a shoot for Peccatus Latex Couture with Maxime Avet

No doubt there will be more in 2011. Here's to another year of international immaturity!