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Monday, 28 June 2010

Spain, Days 4 & 5

Wow, England got well and truly pwn3d by Germany yesterday. I felt sorry for them when that goal wasn't counted but as the game went on it was pretty obvious it wouldn't have made any difference anyway! At least now maybe I'll stop hearing about football every 10 seconds!

Anyway, back to my recent trip to Spain...

Day 4

Day 4 was probably the most chilled out :) In the morning we shot outside this gorgeous little church by the crystal blue sea under the stunning blue sky:

L-R: Roswell Ivory (Faith), me and Iveta Niklova. Iveta being the only one not wearing a faintly offensive top.

I'd been commissioned to model for Drac-in-a-Box so Greg and I decided to shoot one of their outfits outside the church.

© Gregory Brown

(the outfit's available to buy on Drac's website now)

We also shot some nice blue-sea nudes. The various old people wandering along the seafront didn't even do much of a double-take. I love Spain!

© Gregory Brown

We had the afternoon off, so me and the girls went for a play on the beach, followed by a walk around town and ice-cream ^^

Iveta and me

Bolneuvo beach

It felt great to be on a sunny beach in March, having come from cold, rainy England!

Bolneuvo is a very sleepy little town with not much to do, so after our ice-creams we wandered back to the villa to sunbathe by the pool with beers and our books. Faith is a journalist as well as a model and was writing in her travel journal a lot, which was great as I am now cheating by reading her blog to jog my memory of what we did each day ;p

Day 5

Day 5 began quite crazily with all three of us models posing nude at an empty railway station. Unlike on the other days, we attracted an almost unbelievable amount of attention with cars parked everywhere and loads of people watching. They were being perfectly friendly but it still felt a bit strange and I was quite happy when we had got the shot and could move on to somewhere else!

Me and Iveta have the exact same "feck, it's freezing" body language, lol

After that we were shooting in a burned out building, which I much preferred, despite all the mosquitos!

Me doing my best Donnie Darko impression with a fishnet top on my head. © John Evans

We were shooting in this really black, sooty, burned out room for a while, where the walls were streaked black and everything on the floor was crispy and broken for a while before I decided that the shots needed that little extra "something". I eventually concluded I needed to look less pristine and more a reflection of the location, so I promptly started rubbing my hands on the walls and smearing black stuff all over me :)

© John Evans

It turned out that Faith had had the same idea but had really gone for it, actually lying in all the black stuff on the floor, so we had a fun time in the backseat of the car on the way to the final location for the day using every wet-wipe and ounce of body lotion we had scrubbing it off her xD

The last location was my kind of location- an abandoned tin factory (or something)! It was so post-apocalyptic/ industrial and cool-looking ^^

If you'd like to order a printed copy of any of these photos you can email John Evans for his ones, John Tisbury for his ones or Greg for his ones :) I'll blog about my last two days in Spain, with even more new photos and a bit of medical drama, tomorrow!!

I'm going to check out the 'Introduction to Acting' class at my acting studio tonight, which is one step up from the 'Acting for Complete Beginners' course that I'm about to finish (last lesson is tomorrow evening *sob*). I'm hoping that it won't be too expensive if I want to join it (which I'm sure I will)!