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Saturday, 13 November 2010

First shoot in Asia!

And such a fun shoot with such a lovely team :) We shot my new Lady Lucie Latex leggings and some other fashion stuff as well as an hour or so of art nudes, which looked really nice from what I saw! The team liked the photos too and already want to book me again while I'm here. I really hope I have time because they were a dream to work with :) They saw the photos of Liam from the Jerry Ghionis workshop and they want me to bring him with me next time I come to Singapore. No need to tell me twice ;)

Obviously I don't have any photos back yet as the shoot only finished 3.5 hours ago so I'll cheat and post another photo of the leggings from my shoot with Edition of You on my recent Northeast England Tour :)

(Pasties by Anatomic Bomb and corset by Heavenly Corsets)

(Gary comes highly recommend too. The shoot was really fun and laidback and I got fed enough tea to sate even my tea-aholism, not to mention bacon sandwiches :p I'll definitely be looking him up next time I head oop north! :D)

During today's shoot in Singapore I got given these cartons of iced green tea with jasmine, which were really tasty but made me a bit shaky from the sugar rush, I think, even though it said on the packaging that they had 25% less sugar than "regular" (I normally only drink sugar-free drinks, except fresh fruit juice. They make me feel weird!). Super tasty, though!

After the shoot this morning, Dave and Belle (the photographers) took me out for chicken rice at this great place in Chinatown called Tian Tian Hainanese.

 It was sooo delicious ^^ I also tried some fresh cane sugar drink, which I was expecting to be like some sort of natural syrup but was actually more like what I would imagine honeydew melon juice to taste like, very light and refreshing :) I got some good tips on getting around Kuala Lumpur too, which is my next destination, on Monday :D

I'm too tired from shooting to go on another hiking-around-the-city mission this evening so I think it'll be dinner on the sofa in front of the TV! I decided to do my laundry when I got in so I'm basically trapped in the hostel in my dressing gown until it dries. I think I'll have the peanut pancakes and can of chrysanthemum green tea that Belle bought me ^^ Such a lovely lady!