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Friday, 12 November 2010

First day in Singapore :)

I am completely jetlag-free thanks to forcing myself to stay awake throughout my whole London to Singapore journey (about 20 hours, door to door)! I arrived at my hostel around 7.30 pm local time, way too stuffed from all the aeroplane food to have dinner (turns out KLM do good in-flight food, om nom nom ^^) and just emailed Liam and my mum to let them know I'd arrived safely etc before finally going to bed and passing out for 10 hours :)

Today I put on my trainers, packed water, sunnies and a tourist map into my backpack and went on a walking mission around the city for about 8 hours! It was soooo hot and sunny, and humid too! I will be getting into the habit of showering last thing at night rather than first thing in the morning while I'm here!!

 These cheeky little birds are everywhere! I don't know what they're called but they remind me of starlings :)

 View from the bridge over the Singapore River

 Lots, and lots, and lots of air conditioners. They are so necessary here, I would suffocate in my sleep if my room wasn't air conditioned!

 Chinatown! Deep-fried takeaway snacks spotted for sale so far: chicken's feet, pigs' ears and tails, ducks' heads, tongues and bones

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Very short clip of the monks and nuns chanting! I felt like a bit of a twat filming people praying but at the same time, I had to have a little reminder of that chanting! It went on non-stop the whole time I was there.

 Heavy metal Bodhisattva :D

 Opulence (one of my favourite words)!

 Old fellers having an epic draughts tournament outside the temple

 All the lights were on by the time I returned to Little India, where I'm staying. It's Diwali atm so there's lots and lots of lights, little oil lamps and candles everywhere ^^

 I'm going to start collecting photos of various funky foods I come across in my travels. Today I present to you: sushi flavour crisps.

No pics of me of course, because I'm the one taking all the pictures seeing as I'm travelling alone.

I'm meeting my shoot clients for Singapore tea at 9 am before we make our way to the studio :) Then we're having a late lunch of Singapore chicken afterwards, apparently! I hope this means breast and not feet :p I'm not sure what I'll occupy myself with tomorrow afternoon- more exploring probably- but I know I'm taking myself to Singapore Zoo on Sunday and feeding an elephant :D