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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Monsooooooooon! :D

So, last night I went out drinking with some other people from the hostel in my dressing gown and slippers, thanks to my clothes still being wet, but when I put a skirt on over the top of the dressing gown it sort of looked okay. We were out till 4 am and it was strange how Singapore never really switches off. There were families in restaurants having meals at 3 in the morning, and everything. Me and a girl called Emma went for a sneaky McDonald's at 3 am and there were little lizards running around inside the restaurant ^^

I was woken at 12.30 pm by the thunder and maybe the heaviest rain I've ever seen! It seemed pointless going to the zoo so me and a Dutch guy called Michael went for lunch at the New Woodlands vegetarian Indian restaurant (our hostel is in Little India), which was absolutely lush!

We had Madras Thamil, which is rice served on banana leaves with lots of little pots of different sauces, including some really nice tofu and a kind of custardy dessert, that was surprisingly good (I don't usually eat dessert). The only downer was guzzling a handful of complementary seeds on the way out that Michael said were "traditional Indian breath-fresheners"- turned out to be aniseed! :0 *vom*

After that I made Michael go to the Sultan Mosque, even though he said mosques are pretty boring compared to the Buddhist temples. He's probably right (unless you're a Muslim, of course) but I've never been to a mosque before, so it had to be done! Plus this one is apparently the oldest and biggest in SG :)

(That's me with the red umberella)

I didn't have to wear a headscarf but we had to take of our shoes, wear big baggy brown robes and stick to the tiled area around the outside of the room. The carpeted area in the middle was for men to pray and then there was a curtained off area to one side for women.

 Then we went to another mosque in the Arab district, but Michael couldn't go in because he was wearing shorts so I just got snap from the outside. I could hear people singing inside :)

Then we (I) went and did some tourist shopping :) I got these cute candles for Mama De Bauch:

 (They're little ducks, in case you can't tell)

I also got little gifts for Liam and Gemini Rayne but I can't say what they are here because then it won't be a surprise :p

Now I'm back in the hostel watching The Prestige with the guys from last night :) I think we're going to a Lebanese restaurant for dinner and then I need to come back, wash yesterday's hairspray out of my hair ready for my shoot in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, and pack up my little suitcase ready to hop on the MRT back to the airport in the morning :)

Apparently I'll be staying in this suite tomorrow night, which will be a nice change from a hostel dorm! I can't tell from the photos if the pool in the room is actually big enough to swim in, but it would be great to get a swim in before breakfast on Tuesday morning :) I have two shoots in KL on Tuesday so it will be good to get a proper rest!

I'm still wearing my poppy, although it's turning into papier mache in this weather. You can support the people who help protect us too, by clicking the poppy below.