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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Jerry Ghionis' London Workshop

Just got the photos back from the workshop I modelled for in London in February for the current #1 photographer in the world (SWPP), Jerry Ghionis, including a CD of the images in a funky zebra print case and some nice prints :)

Liam and my friends Madame Bink and Alec Cameron modelled too, so it ended up being a really fun day, shooting in a cool little hotel in Soho with good company and a really nice lunch ;)

Liam and me. It was about a week after our sixth anniversary

Liam's first headshot, hee hee

Top to bottom: Liam, me, Bink

I really like this one, we look like a poster for a vampire flick!
 L-R: Liam, Alec and me, with Bink at the bottom

 I also have the photos and video from the nude shoot I did with Jerry the day before, but have decided to save them for my new website ;)

Tomorrow: two hour shoot in the morning, after which I have to zoom back to East Finchley for my facial before another meeting with my web designer. I'm loving the message he's put on the holding page of (go bookmark it now, there'll be stuff there soon!), LOL:

For the record, I would like to make it absolutely clear that the statement above regarding my current activities is completely 100% accurate in every respect.