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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Dirty Polaroids by Steve Prue feat. Lady Allura's Latex & Fabulously Fetish shoes!

I'd like to share some DIRTY Polaroids Steve Prue took of me in New York, wearing (in some cases) Lady Allura's Latex and Fabulously Fetish heels, plus a pair of earrings I found in a vintage store in Manhattan :)

This was the point in the shoot where I really let my "trashy" side out to play! Not sure if any of these pictures will end up in my portfolio, but they were fun to shoot... click the images to see full-size versions.

Super excited about viewing an apartment in a gorgeous historic building tomorrow that has its own library, courtyard and dungeon!! Well, okay, the "dungeon" is listed as a "wine cellar", but it can be multi-use, right? ;) Send positive thoughts for me, because I could make some great pictures/ movies to share with you there if I do buy it :D