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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Castle in the clouds complete with Prince Charming? Check!

Great news! Boyfy and I put in an offer on our first house, and it was accepted! It was the one I mentioned at the end of my last blog that has a huge old fireplace, library, courtyard and dungeon :D

(Apologies if you already know this from my InstagramTwitter!)

It's an apartment in a massive Georgian house in the country. We knew it was ours the moment we clapped eyes on it! Thank you so much to everyone who has booked me over the last two years- it was entirely your constant support that funded my half of the deposit :) As far as I'm aware, I'm one of maybe four art nude models in the whole country who's managed to buy a place purely with modelling money... baby-boomer photographers proclaiming that models over-charge, take note ;)

There is a chance we might be able to move in to our first home by Christmas! :) Visualise this fireplace decorated with fir tree branches, holly and candles if you will (I am!) with deer antlers above and a live tree covered in tiny gold fairy lights in the corner :D

CGI by anonymous local artist :p Those are my cats, btw.

I love old buildings; they instantly make me feel at home. They almost seem alive and with their own personalities that they've accumulated over time. Here is a shot from a recent shoot with one of my favourite photographers in one of my favourite locations, The Pit Studio in Nottingham, a massive Victorian Gothic set of high-ceilinged rooms with big windows and an air of beauty in decay. I will try and do a studio day there on 17 October @ £50ph, if any photographers reading this are interested :)

Photographer: Rob Ellis.
Click on the image to see a larger version!

I am having a wonderful time writing to do and to buy lists for the new house... I should really get my head back in the game and get on with booking tours for October and November!