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Friday, 18 September 2015

Lady Allura's Latex & Fabulously Fetish shot by Steve Prue in NYC. 18+! Photo-heavy.

Some badass photos from my Lady Allura's Latex and Fabulously Fetish shoes shoot with Steve Prue in NY in March last year, when I learned why New York models are so skinny- they don't get time to eat!

I was rushing all over Manhattan, Staten Island and New Jersey for shoots during my trip there. I managed to get breakfast every morning, usually carrying my cup of peppermint tea with me on the subway in the eco carry cup that was in my LFW goodie bag, but then often didn't manage to get lunch running between shoots in the middle of the day, and then was often so exhausted on returning to my hotel that I'd simply wash my face and pass out in bed by 7.30pm.

I started to notice on the back of photographers' cameras that I was starting to look a bit twiggy, even to my eyes, and I occasionally see it in this photo set, even though the lighting is fairly high-key. Nonetheless, I really like that I got the opportunity to work on such an American-looking set while visiting the States, and I think these photos are in a completely different style and show a completely different side of me than usually shows up in photos. I'd like it to be a magazine editorial some day :)

PS: I viewed a lovely apartment in Glastonbury today. I might end up buying it ^_^