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Friday, 7 August 2015

Mayday, mayday. Please like and share.

I've had a bit of a shit week.

My car was broken into in the middle of the afternoon in the SiP car park on Richard III Road in Leicester on Tuesday 4 August while I was having lunch with Ivory Flame. I was on my way homewards after two weeks of touring, so I had almost everything I own in the car, and almost everything I own was stolen- from my laptop, camera and satnav to weird stuff like tampons and my dirty laundry o.O but not my dry cleaning. Go figure.

They also stole all my latex, and FOUR Pandora Deluxe latex outfits that I was borrowing, which makes me feel even worse. It's bad enough losing everything without losing someone else's stuff too. I'm going to do a separate post about the Pandora Deluxe latex that I hope everyone will share in case the thieves realise what they've got and try to sell it online.

As well as my personal clothes, books, diary (as in personal diary where I write my private thoughts, not scheduler), over £1000 in cash payments from shoots that was hidden in the lining of my suitcase (the whole suitcase was stolen), souvenirs, art nude bag of fabrics and floaty dresses, MAC makeup collection, I also lost:

  • Canon 70D camera and 18 - 135mm STM lens
  • Dell Latitude D630 laptop and charger, serial # 179-703-983-35
  • TomTom Start 20 satnav, car charger and window mount
  • A Louis Vuitton canvas shopping bag in the original green print
  • A black French Connection clutch bag with gold stars embroidered on the front (full of costume jewellery for shoots)
  • Dior J'Adore perfume, 100ml bottle
  • Hot pink leopard print Betsey Johnson shopping bag with pyramid studs and shiny black handles and trims
  • FOUR unique Pandora Deluxe latex outfits: a black and white checker-board appliqué lingerie and stockings set, a dusky pink skater dress, a light blue and navy blue 60s-style bikini, and a red mini dress with leopard print trim on the cups
  • Black Murray & Vern latex catsuit
  • Black gloss PVC underbust tightlacing corset by Heavenly Corsets
  • White and black latex two-piece by Shh! Couture
  • Black latex two-piece with metallic purple frilly trim
  • Black latex and lace cut-out gloves by All You Need is Gloves

I'll update serial #s of the other tech items if and when I can find them. In the meantime, if you happen to see any of this stuff floating around the Midlands, call the police directly on 101 citing incident report # 6170408 (I'm getting a crime ref # sometime today so will update when I have that). crime reference # 15000073696.

They smashed the driver's window in completely to get inside, which was £75 to replace. Trying to remove all the broken glass so I could drive it was not fun.

I imagine they broke in for the satnav and then went through the boot while they were there, as nothing else was "on show".

They left my Fabulously Fetish shoes and boots and my Playful Promises lingerie collection, thank christ, so we can definitely assume they weren't girls ;) It felt awful to find all my beautiful lingerie scattered around in the broken glass though. The thought of a stranger smashing their way in and rifling through all the lingerie in my suitcase is just horrible.

Why this is so incredibly fucking bad

They stole the main things I need to make a living: my makeup, hot rollers, laptop, satnav, latex and art nude stuff. This is making it difficult to book work to earn everything back.

They stole half the money I made on my tour, which I really need to replace the other stuff they stole. I literally didn't even have any underwear until my mother bought me some from Primark yesterday afternoon >.<

Most of the stuff they stole is basically irreplaceable. Personal things, like my diary; and all my jewellery, designer bags, fabrics for nude work etc were absolute bargains that I won't find again.

I am personally gutted because this tour was the final one needed to finish off the house deposit fund and buy my first place- it was just heartbreakingly disappointing to realise that I'm not going to be finally looking at houses and getting my own place, finally settling down and making proper roots here in Somerset.

If you want to help...

I don't want or expect handouts, but if you would like to do something for mutual benefit right now, it would be hugely appreciated.

  • If you are a photographer, designer, website producer or other client looking to book a model, now would be a really good time to book me for fashion, beauty, bodyscapes, simple art nude work, pin-up, boudoir, bondage, foot/ shoe fetish and vintage glamour shoots. Have car, temporarily have Ivory Flame's satnav, will travel Monday - Sunday! Email
  • If you are a model and can recommend any photographers in NYC or SE Asia/ Australia I could get in touch with for work, I can in turn share my contacts over there.
  • If you are a fan and you like feet and/ or nylons, now would be the perfect time to order some of my worn stockings. They all come with a free signed photo. If you would like to order other personally worn items, please email me on
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  • Don't ask me about insurance. Whatever question you have to ask about my insurance can be succinctly answered with the phrase, "they're useless bastards." Ditto car park security, and quite probably ditto police (we'll see).
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Many thanks to everyone who has already helped, offered to help, or is continuing to help. I hate being a burden, this is really not like me at all, and I can't wait to get my independence back and be me again.

Lots of love,

Anita x