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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Cover of Sinical Magazine!!! :D

I'm on the cover of the latest issue of Sinical!

I'm particularly thrilled about this cover as having been commissioned to shoot it by Sinical, I was then allowed to choose the photographer (Luci Alice!), designers (mostly Playful Promises, although the corset I'm wearing on the cover was made for me by Heavenly Corsets and the bullet bra is from What Katie Did. The shoes were made specially for my feet by Fabulously Fetish), location, hair, makeup, skincare (Bareskin Beauty), everything myself! I put so much of myself into this image and the pictorial inside and I'm proud of how it's turned out.

Apologies if you already saw these on my Press page!

I've just had my first full day of shooting on this month's tour, which I've rather ambitiously made the whole of Britain. I'm starting in Wales for a few days, then doing a big clockwise lap of Scotland, before making my way back home through England. Hopefully I will get to visit some of my girlfriends at the same time :) Feel free to follow me on Instagram to see my behind-the-scenes tour snaps and videos; new followers always noticed and appreciated :)

I just bought myself a Thermos flask for transporting organic coconut milk cappuccino (new addiction)... tomorrow I have a 2 hour drive to an 8 hour outdoor location nude shoot that finishes at 8pm, then I'm going to zoom to my B&B and basically go straight to bed so that I can get up at ***3.30am*** the following day for another 8 hour outdoor nude shoot starting at dawn, followed by an 8 hour drive to Madame Bink's new house in the Lake District :p So having the ability to transport coffee to remote locations should be a major benefit, especially when teamed up with my giant bar of 74% dark chocolate.

Next up after that is four full days of shooting in Glasgow. I'm glad; it's been SO long since I had time to visit Scotland.

Anita xo