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Saturday, 8 August 2015

STOLEN LATEX! Please like and share.

Following on from yesterday's blog, that hundreds of people have liked, shared and messaged me about, here is a list of photographs of the stolen latex couture.

My car was broken into sometime during the afternoon of Tuesday 4 August in the SiP car park on Richard III Road in Leicester, along with several other cars, the police now tell me. I was on my way homewards after two weeks of touring, so I had almost everything I own in the car, and almost everything I own was stolen, including all my latex. They smashed their way in through the driver's window, I'm guessing to steal the satnav, and ended up stealing everything from the boot as well. They've pretty much taken everything I have, including everything I need to earn a living.

Losing latex really stings, not only because it's expensive, but because each piece is handmade to fit. Hours and hours of time, expertise and creativity go into each one. Each unique piece has its own story and becomes more and more a part of you the longer you own it.

To make it far worse, four of the outfits weren't even mine- I was borrowing them from Pandora Deluxe to shoot them for her while I was on tour. They were worth £800 all together and I'm so sorry they never made it home :'(

If you see any of this stuff anywhere, e.g. for sale on eBay or in Facebook groups, please call Leicestershire police on 101, citing crime reference # 15000073696, and email me on


  • FOUR unique Pandora Deluxe latex outfits: a black and white checker-board appliqué lingerie and stockings set, a dusky pink skater dress, a light blue and navy blue 60s-style bikini, and a red mini dress with leopard print trim on the cups
  • Black Murray & Vern latex catsuit
  • Black gloss PVC underbust tightlacing corset by Heavenly Corsets
  • Union Jack latex overbust corset by Cathouse Clothing
  • White and black latex two-piece by Shh! Couture
  • Black latex two-piece with metallic purple frilly trim

  1. PANDORA DELUXE black and white checker-board appliqué lingerie and footless stockings set. It is labelled Pandora Deluxe inside. There is only one of these sets in the world, so if you see it- it's the stolen one!

  2. PANDORA DELUXE dusky pink skater dress. It has adjustable black straps, a zip up the back, and is labelled Pandora Deluxe inside.

  3. PANDORA DELUXE light blue and navy blue 60s-style bikini (big pants!) with small gold buckles, labelled Pandora Deluxe inside.

  4. PANDORA DELUXE red mini dress with leopard print trim on the cups. It has fancy straps over the chest, a zip up the back, and is labelled Pandora Deluxe inside.

  5. MURRAY & VERN full-length black latex catsuit, size small. It is labelled Murray & Vern on the inside back of the collar. It has a single zip.

  6. HEAVENLY CORSETS black gloss PVC underbust tightlacing corset- i.e. with very high quality steel boning. It has a steel busk front and black lacing on the back, and a hot pink Heavenly Corsets label inside. As far as I know, there is only one of these in existence as I had it custom made, so if you see it, it's almost certainly the one that got stolen. I think it closes at 20".

  7. SHHH! COUTURE "white" (cream) latex Stormtrooper-inspired two-piece with black geometric pattern. The top has a black zip up the back. This was custom made for me when I won a competition.

  8. CATHOUSE CLOTHING Union Jack latex overbust corset. It has a steel busk at the front and white laces and a modesty panel at the back. I think there is a Cathouse Clothing label inside, but I can't really remember :(

  9. "White" (cream) fully fashioned seamed latex stockings. They are imperfects (an experiment on behalf of the designer). Size small.

  10. Black latex two piece with metallic purple trim. This was a gift and I don't actually know who the designer was. It's quite thick, tough, good quality latex, and quite big in the chest for me.

What can you do to help

I don't want or expect handouts, but some mutually beneficial options for helping out are:

  • Please like and share this blog on Facebook and Twitter and +1 it on Google (there are little buttons to easily do this at the bottom of this blog entry) and if you are subscribed to my blog, please forward this email onto your contacts in case any of them spots anything online! Pandora Deluxe has successfully caught thieves and got stolen items back in the past using this method, so fingers crossed it will work this time and we'll get at least something back.
  • If you are looking for beautiful quality, comfortable latex couture, now is the time to order from Pandora- please bear in mind that Pandora Deluxe is available to take your order 24/7 here.
  • If you are interested in either becoming a latex model or improving your current modelling career without an agency, now would be a great time to order a copy of The "Ugly" Girl's Guide to Modelling. I'd be happy to sign it if we ever meet!

Thank you so much again to everyone who has helped and been in touch. I honestly can't thank you enough. I hate feeling dependent and can't wait to be back on my feet and self-sufficient again, working my butt off like I usually do!

Lots of love to you all,

Anita x