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Friday, 17 July 2015

One Man and His Model

Hello to everyone coming over from Facebook and Instagram to see the uncensored tearsheet! I'm the main image in Tim Pile's art nude photography editorial in Good Light magazine, from back when I had two-tone orange hair :)

I love shooting artistic nudes in natural light, whether it's the soft pink of dawn, what I call "Nature's Hollywood lighting" at midday, the giant softbox effect of an overcast afternoon, or the warm golden evening light, right before the sun sets. I'm really happy that my Somerset Photographic Tours have proved so popular and I've been able to do so much location work already this summer :)

I had 2.5 hours of yoga and Pilates lessons yesterday morning, followed by lunch at my favourite arthouse café in Cheddar, Café Sketch. They do yummy, healthy vegan options. I have so much energy today that I'm not sure what to channel it into! It's lucky I'm at a festival this weekend, I'm perfectly in the mood for a big all-night party with friends! :D