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Monday, 22 June 2015

Fairy Cave

This blog is brought to you by the in-room wifi at an old-style luxurious Victorian manor I'm staying at in Surrey. I had a great shoot with one of my favourite photographers today, followed by an interview in my hotel room for KFS TV, followed by a three-course solo dinner- as I was absolutely starved by 5pm!

Here are a couple of photos by Rlux from a recent shoot in a cave in Somerset! I came back the following day with a torch to explore it further :D

I love the way the seams in the rock behind me have given me fairy wings.

Two shoots in London tomorrow: the first, me showing a photographer round some of my old London locations, and the second in the studio, which is also being filmed for TV. Then a girls-only dinner with my friends Roswell Ivory and Luci Alice 

Right now I'm relaxing with a Bareskin Beauty clay face mask while drawing a candlelit bath in my hotel room. If you haven't already seen it, I explain how I keep my skin clear and healthy while travelling in this video :)

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