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Monday, 15 June 2015

New photos from my last Asian Tour

New photos shot by lovely photographer Geoffrey Pereira in Singapore during my 2014 Asian Tour :)

First up, me modelling nothing but the $1 sunglasses I bought in the market after I managed to break the £90 pair I brought with me. Skincare by Bareskin Beauty.

Lingerie by Playful Promises, shoes by Fabulously Fetish. Apologies if you already saw this one on Facebook!
Leather jacket my own, ended up in the bin after being eaten by extreme high humidity in the Malaysian jungle later in the trip. Oh well!

Back from a last-minute weekend in London modelling for four Olympus workshops and a beauty magazine editorial. I left the house at 4.30 on Saturday morning and arrived home precisely 48 hours later at 4.30 this morning, having stopped at three sets of services on the way back for an hour of sleep here, an hour of sleep there, and finally, when that didn't work, a 3am stop-off for caramel soy cappuccino, brushing and flossing of teeth and a DIY Bareskin Beauty exfoliating facial in the toilets at the last motorway services. I'm very tired today, but at least my skin is glowing!

Here's a clearer shot of those $1 sunglasses, 'cos I know you're dying to see them.

Dentist appointment first thing tomorrow, followed by seventeen full days of shooting in a row in Somerset, Kent, the Isle of Wight, London, Milton Keynes and Norfolk. Woooooo!!! So close to having the deposit for my dream house now ^_^

5.45pm EDIT: I forgot to say, if you are a freelance model like me, or interested in becoming one, and would like my book on how I do it, the posh hardback version is on special offer on Amazon UK atm, reduced from £26.99 to £16.89 + free P&P :)