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Saturday, 4 April 2015

NOW TAKING BOOKINGS: Anita De Bauch presents "The Jewel of the Southwest" Somerset Photographic Tours & package "holidays" inc. optional transport & accommodation

Photographer: Stephen Perry

I ended up taking a bunch of photos of potential shoot locations in my local area of Somerset (boring story re: flaky photographer that I won't go into just now), and decided to put them to good use for photographers who would like to shoot in this beautiful area of the country, by making them into a little brochure you can print at home (safely downloadable pdf here!) and offering ...a convenient package deal including optional transport from London/ airport transfers and overnight accommodation for any photographers coming from far away!

You might even be able to rope in my friends Roswell Ivory and Madame Bink, if you're quick! E-mail now.

Just click the pages to see a larger version:

Photographer: Tim Pile

Photographer: Dirk Glassly

Photographer: Stephen Perry

Photographer: HK Studio T

To get in touch re: booking your Somerset Photographic Tour, e-mail ASAP as they are selling out fast!

To see more of my snapshots of some example locations we could use, click here :) I will keep adding to this Pinterest board as and when I discover new places.

And yes... we can stop off for real Cheddar cheese and scrumpy cider if you want ;)

Have a great Easter weekend! I'm off to enjoy a cup of organic mulled cider by a bonfire under the full moon and a blanket of stars. I love Somerset 

Anita x