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Thursday 2 April 2015

Bareskin Beauty's Inner Beauty Daily Detox: edible skin miracle?

 I find that I can't have great skin without a great diet, no matter what face cream I use. I'm a believer in moderate amounts of daily detoxing, such as starting the day with hot water and freshly squeezed lemon juice, drinking homemade smoothies, avoiding cow's milk, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables in general, as well as taking a couple of good quality probiotics. I don't do extreme "cleanses" or "fasts" or anything like that, but I've seen the improvements in my skin and figure over the last three years, when I actually exercised less but made my diet much more natural and centred around yummy and filling natural whole foods :D

My breakfast waiting to be blended! 

Bareskin Beauty's Inner Beauty Daily Detox is a new product from the raw organic skincare company that you actually eat, rather than spread onto your skin! This no-nonsense approach really resonated with me, so I had to try it. This is what the pack looks like when it's 2/3 empty because I already ate it all.

The Inner Beauty Daily Detox is a blend of naturally detoxifying powders that you just add to your smoothies or nut/hemp/whatever milk, so it's probably the easiest thing to add into your daily routine as there just isn't any prepping involved. And it turns a funky blue colour when you add it to water :D

I have two pints of green smoothie for breakfast most days and added two teaspoons of Inner Beauty Daily Detox powder to it for a month, which didn't change the taste or texture at all, but it did improve the colour! That touch of blue takes away any yellow-ishness, and makes the Glowing Green Smoothie really GLOW! My smoothies now look like the photos you see on the internet ;D

Bareskin Beauty have blended Latvian blue clay, green illite clay, diatomaceous earth, zeolite and chlorella together to make Inner Beauty Daily Detox powder. The brand is run by my personal nutritionist (which is how I came across this stuff in the first place), Juliette Scarfe, who I trust, but still, I was like, clay? Earth? Wtf is zeolite? Are these really things I can eat? The only one I'd heard of already was chlorella, which I take in tablet form when I'm travelling around very polluted cities- I've noticed my skin doesn't seem to freak out as badly in cities like Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur when I'm taking chlorella. It turns out that zeolite is another form of mineral-rich algae.

Anyway, I think this rich mineral blend in Inner Beauty Daily Detox powder must be what gives it its power. I certainly noticed the cleansing effect after just two or three days, and over the course of the month, the texture of my skin has improved. How wonderful! Photographers (plural!) have even commented on how my skin seems to "glow" atm :D It's great to get a result like this from doing something so natural and easy as just adding a pure powder to a smoothie. The packaging itself specifically says "Daily detoxing brings beauty benefits: cleansing your body purifies the complexion to leave skin clear and radiant."

Sorry if you already saw this on Instagram, but cue makeup-free (although wildly over-exposed) selfie:

A photo posted by Anita De Bauch (@anitadebauch) on

I'm not sure when Inner Beauty Daily Detox powder will become available to order on, but I do recommend buying it when it comes out and simply adding one or two teaspoons to your daily routine. Health cheats for the win!