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Sunday, 26 April 2015

I bring you...

I had my first lie-in in I don't know how long this morning, until the heady hour of 10.30am, when my fuzzy alarm clock (Lilith) woke me up, demanding breakfast. I feel so rejuvenated!

And I wake to find this in my inbox from photographer Tim Pile :) Apologies if you already saw it on Twitter this morning!

I can't really be bothered to give myself a hair and makeup credit for this as I didn't really do anything, but my skincare was provided by Bareskin Beauty.

I loved this spectacular hand-carved fireplace!

For any photographers reading this, I am doing an Art Nude Studio Day at Lux Studio in Kent on Saturday 23 May, at a special all-inclusive rate of £50ph (me + studio + equipment + parking). Please email me at if you would like to discuss.

I'm off for a hike in the Somerset countryside! These Somerset Photographic Tours are really feeding my love and appreciation for this beautiful natural area.