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Friday, 27 February 2015

Latex & "shoe porn" #FetishFriday with Fabulously Fetish and Bareskin Beauty

It's #FetishFriday in Anita World!

New black latex catsuit photo shot and art directed by David Radford at Manse Studio during my trip to Wales earlier this month.

Hi-ho, Silver!

Knee-length patent boots by Fabulously Fetish, catsuit by Murray & Vern!
Skincare by Bareskin Beauty, inc. my new lip butter. I did the hair and makeup :)

Prolly woulda been quicker to ride this horse to North Wales than take the motorway ;)

I drove up there first from Bristol for a full day location shoot with a call time of 8am. GoogleMaps said it was a 4 hour drive so I decided to drive up the night before and stay in a hotel. Thank god I did! The drive ended up being six hours thanks to the entire thing pretty much being dug up. Cue having a rather late-night dinner in bed of kale salad and vegan tom yam soup out of tupperware/ soup thermos rather than going out for dinner as I was far too tired to stir a foot outside of my room until the next morning, when the lovely landlady made me almond milk porridge and a veggie full English (Welsh?) breakfast that REALLY set me up for the day! ^_^

After a chilly but productive day of shooting summer fashion and nudes at pretty locations around North Wales, I drove to South Wales, stayed the night in another hotel (again finding myself too tired to go anywhere for dinner once I arrived- just hot shower, kale salad leftovers, brown rice cakes dipped in houmous, cammomile tea, book and bed!) and then drove to my sold-out Manse Studio Day, at which the "horsey" photo was shot :) If you are a photographer interested in booking me at a studio day, please read my last blog.

Although it added a lot of time onto my trip, I really enjoyed driving around Wales. The drive from North to South at night was most amazing because you could drive for ages without seeing a single light from a house or street light. There was just nothing except the car's headlights, winding round the mountain passes, in and out of valleys, and occasionally through sleepy little villages with long hyphenated names on the signposts. The only other light was from the stars :) Living in England, I always forget that wild places like this still exist in Britain. I would love to live somewhere so magical and untouched.

The drive from the hotel to Manse Studio the next morning was even more heavenly and breathtaking as I had to drive through snow-covered mountains in bright sunshine! It was just glorious to drive through the most stunning snowy panoramic views with the heater and the music turned up high!

I was in an amazing mood when I arrived! and more than ready to jump on a fake horse in a rubber catsuit and pull a range of silly faces for David ;)

Much love,

Anita xxxx