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Friday, 13 March 2015

Fashion nude Penthouse magazine editorial shot by Adam Goodison @ SHOWstudio

I'm in an editorial in the March 2015 "British Invasion" issue of Penthouse magazine, including a double page spread! :) Here are the original photos by wonderful Adam Goodison @ SHOWstudio. The entire editorial was shot with a wide-angle lens, which is a really unusual and avant-garde approach!

All skincare provided by Bareskin Beauty.

Penthouse has been on my "hopefully one day!" publication list for ages so I'm really happy to have been booked for this shoot. Penthouse is such an established name! They've been going for 50 years, now.

The editorial is called Digital Displays and is about Passarella Death Squad clothing, including the rubber mackintosh I'm "wearing" ;p You can order your copy here :)