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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Cover of USA's Twisted Edge magazine- latex cat and mouse!

I'm on the cover of issue #20 of the USA's Twisted Edge magazine.

It came out a while ago but I've just been too busy to post about it, even though I'm thrilled!

Shooting/ organising shoots around the clock is also why the editorial is not accompanied by an interview with me- I was offered one but very sadly didn't have time to actually do it.

I just ordered a copy of the issue here so I can see what images they used :)

This is the cover and contents page:

The editorial was shot by one of my favourite photographers, Luci Alice, and fetish designer, Lady Allura's Latex. I did the hair and makeup :)

Yesterday was such a horrible grey day here in Somerset that I just stayed chained to my computer until I basically passed out at 11pm, slept 10 hours, and woke up to gorgeous sunshine! :D

Time for a trip to Glastonbury to buy my organic hair dye, get some beauty treatments and maybe treat myself to a natural lavender candle for my trip to Wales on Thursday (I'm free anywhere between Bristol and Bangor on Thursday, btw, if anyone wants to shoot). I'm shooting two full days and then spending two nights in hotels, so I think it would be good to just relax, read my books, write about my thoughts and maybe try and meditate during the evenings at the hotels. I love to light scented candles in my hotel rooms, it instantly makes them feel more luxurious and like home!

It seems I haven't really written anything except ads in my blog since 4 January, which is a bit crap, so here's a quick run-down of wtf I've been doing since then! I suspect most of it will be excuses for why I've not been updating very much...

  • deciding whether or not I can buy land in the countryside, build a log cabin on it, and live in it right now, or if it's something I need to wait a few years for,
  • had a kind of triple birthday celebration: Madame Bink came to visit the night before my birthday and we camped out in her van in Cheddar Gorge in the snow! What an experience! When we woke up in this incredible landscape in the morning, the sun was shining off the snow, the birds were singing and the wild goats were everywhere! The next night, I went to see Die Antwoord, then got driven back to Somerset for a private party at a hotel being thrown for me, which was a lovely surprise! I will really miss my friends in the Southwest if I ever have to move away!
  • completely sold-out, packed-out London Tour, that then got extended to London & the Southeast, then London, the Southeast and Hertfordshire, then London, the Southeast, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, then London, the Southeast, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and East Anglia, so I ended up being unexpectedly away from home for two very productive weeks of shooting dawn to dusk every day.
  • I got to see Roswell Ivory tons while touring and really felt like we bonded :) We had an awesome end to my tour by raving our arses off at Perou's party in London for the launch of the second issue of Edict magazine, and meeting some interesting people in our little industry like David Wood and Viktoria Modesta.
  • Back home in Somerset after the tour, I slept for 48 hours and then went to the White Spring Temple in Glastonbury for a belated Imbolc on 3 February. One corner of the temple is dedicated to Brigid, so it seemed the appropriate place to go!

  • Madame Bink visited us in Somerset on her way back to Cornwall after her January Tour, so we got to have a good gossip and put the world to rights before she headed on the next day ;)

My next big tour is in March, so if you are interested in shooting with me in or around Hertfordshire, Kent, London or anywhere between Bristol and London (Norfolk is now sold out), please email me at asap. I can offer suggestions for local studios to shoot at at discounted prices.

PETA is looking to work with me again, so hopefully I will be in London towards the end of next week (27 February - 1 March), if anyone would like to shoot while I'm there.

Much love, and I hope you are all enjoying the winter sun!

Anita x