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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Off to Singapore

I'm flying to Singapore tonight, so should be there tomorrow evening (local time).

Much fun was had asking my Singaporean friends about their nudity laws, confirming that it is definitely not okay for me to wear my new slightly see-through Mango top with no bra while I'm there, and then guiltily wiping all the porn artistic nude imagery off my laptop and phone, too.

I love Singapore and I love flying, so this trip is pretty much guaranteed to be a success in my book from the moment of landing. I want to get an Indian head massage, back massage and a Shanghai pedicure on my first day, as well as eat at my favourite vegetarian restaurant in Little India, before I start shooting on Sunday!

After that I won't have much time for tourist stuff, but it's okay, as I've been there so many times already. I do want to get my traditional Singapore Sling at "my" table in Raffles' Long Bar though, and also visit Pulau Ubin for the first time. And enjoy swimming in the WARM sea! Must remember to pack my factor 50 and a bikini!

Just barely had time to get a fresh mani yesterday morning. Still don't have my Singapore $$$. I had time to fit in a MAC makeup lesson at Harrods, though, so that's okay! Got some new products for my trip and beyond ^_^


Photoshop and filter-free makeup lesson face and new products to repeat it at my next shoot :)

I'm going to post this cool Lady Allura's Latex photo by Adrian Jones now! The gold peep-toes are by Fabulously Fetish. I did my own hair and makeup :)

My hair is, once again, a really bold colour, thanks to the hair shoot I had on Sunday. In case you didn't already see it on Instagram/ Facebook, this is Miley Cirus me on Sunday:

I'll probably just be posting pics on Instagram and Facebook for the next couple of weeks, while I'm in Asia... or Tweet me if you want to stay in touch. Lots of love.

... Anita xo