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Friday, 31 October 2014

No clothes and no Photoshop, from the Malaysian jungle. Happy nudey Halloween!

So with all the hacked/ leaked celebrity candid nude photos being the latest thing, I thought I should get in on it, seeing as no-one's bothered to hack my phone yet...

lol j/k I'm already naked all over the internet.

Seriously though, it's Halloween, and what could be scarier than having un-Photoshopped nude photos of yourself online? Models, amiright?

Well, here are some of me straight from the camera of Raoúl Alfamuz from our shoot in the Malaysian jungle last weekend! This was just the most idyllic, ANTM-like location... it was handy that I had to look up to catch the natural light, as it meant I could see the wild monkeys, gibbons and exotic birds playing in the branches right above me! What an amazing experience! It was one of those ones that makes me feel so, so lucky for having the job that I have. Welcome to my office.

My hair colour was super bright on this tour as I had a hair job for a colourist team in London right before I left!

This was all shot with 100% natural light and 100% natural skincare and nutrition advice from +Bareskin Beauty.

^Click the pictures for bigger (800px) versions

As well as being completely unedited, these photos are posted in the order they were shot in. See how the last one is slightly darker than the first, despite being taken only moments apart? That was because of this incredible fog that rolled in like something from a Hammer Horror SFX dept! You can kind of see it materialising in the path just behind me, if you look closely.

It is very warm but also very wet in Malaysia this time of year, with the weather alternating between blazing sunshine and torrential monsoons every day. As soon as the insanely heavy downpours stop, the heat starts evaporating all the water, and then you get these completely OTT dramatic mists rolling towards you at top speed like something out of Evil Dead. If you are deep in the jungle, the sudden effect is eerie and really blocks out the light. As a result, this is what the next shot looked like! Although it might not be considered a technical success by some, I think the very sudden drop in light and resulting increased graininess created a spooky Blair Witch/ Pilot episode of The X-Files sort of a vibe, which I personally really like.

I arrived back in London yesterday and as usual am smugly enjoying my lack of jetlag. I've got that shit nailed: just set your watch to your destination's time zone when you get on the plane and act accordingly, e.g. if it says it's 11am, order some coffee, or if it says it's 11pm, pause the movie and put your eye mask on for a few hours. Then you feel like you're on the right time when you arrive. Works for me, anyway! Bit of a life hack.

I leave you with my pumpkin (apologies if you already saw it on Instagram), which I carved despite the fact that I'm totally on my own this Halloween. In fact, I bought two; so far the other one has been made into "cheesy roasted" raw vegan crispy seeds, and spiced pumpkin "latte" (made with almond milk and no coffee, so I can drink it at 6 in the evening and still get a good night's sleep). Maybe I'll roast some pieces with coconut oil and rosemary tomorrow to round off a kale salad, and/ or make soup or some kind of dessert :)

Happy Halloween!