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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Vintage #WardrobeWednesday... and my holiday snaps. Sorry.

Are we glad the weather's warming up??? I sure am. Here's a photo of me warming my butt by the fire last winter, by Scarecrow Images! We included a couple of other very famous models in the shot, too ;)

I did the hair, makeup and wardrobe styling :)

I'll be bringing my vintage wardrobe to my Eye For an Image Studio Day in Banbury next month, if anyone would like to shoot some nice black and whites there (they had a lovely vintage dressing table set last time I visited) :) Email

Just got back from a week's holiday in Cheddar, where I spent most of my time barefoot and makeup-free, reading my psychonautics books (massively recommend Alterations of Consciousness to any psychology and/ or parapsychology/ shaman types out there! I have a psychology degree but this book totally changed the way I think about awareness and the brain), enjoying magical Glastonbury and fresh local food during the day and lying in the grass stargazing at night

C15th church in Glastonbury on Good Friday.
Sorry if you've already seen all these on Facebook/ Twitter/ Tumblr/ Instagram!

Until I actually live in the countryside, I think I'm going to try and make a holiday out there every springtime from now on. It's the perfect time to visit, with all the wild flowers and blossom trees bursting to life, the sun coming out and baby animals EVERYWHERE! I loved walking into the village to buy my almond milk and other supplies and seeing baby rabbits springing away down the path, and lots of friendly farm animals!

I fed a mummy sheep :D

I also visited a wool farm and bonded with the lambs. They are like living teddy bears! So much more cuddly and immediately trusting than say, a pet dog would be. As soon as I put this little chap on my lap he draped himself over my shoulder for a cuddle, just like Dexter and Lilith do, and gave me lots of fuzzy face nuzzles and little kisses

 Look at his little smile!!!! *cuteness overload*

If he wasn't going to grow into a full-grown sheep I'd have offered to buy him on the spot. I'll just have to make do with this imbecile.

Dexter, high off his arse on catnip in Glastonbury. You couldn't make this up.

Full day latex, lingerie and art nude shoot at a wicked studio with loads of cool sets in London tomorrow. Must go now to pack and do my nails :)