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Friday, 25 April 2014

Sexy corsetted black latex catsuit photos!

Atm I have that rather wonderful problem of having too many photos that I'm really happy with on my hard drive and not enough time to post them properly :) I like the convenience of being able to quickly upload the odd captioned photo  to Tumblr and Twitter, and Facebook if there's no "nudity" (i.e. nipple or pube nudity), but I'm a blogger/ journal writer at heart :) I really like having a record of my life that I can look back at, so it's good to write down the proper details surrounding the photos so that I remember them. I've been keeping diaries of one kind of another since I was nine or ten :)

Anyway! Here are some more photos of my me in my very own latex catsuit and Fabulously Fetish patent leather boots, from my shoot with Andrew McMeek to promote Robert Owen Haircutters last November! Just click on the images for larger versions:

 I did the makeup, as usual.
I like doing my own makeup :)
Skincare by Bareskin Beauty

Had another wonderful shoot with this catsuit minus the corset at Murder Mile Studio in London yesterday, which is I think is run by Morrigan Hel and the drummer from Cradle of Filth, if my teenage fangirl stalking skills are up to scratch! Either way, it is a cool studio with lots of fancy furniture that I would love to own :)

Lazed around at home watching Buffy all morning and then went into turbo spring-cleaning mode this afternoon, including sorting out a huge pile of really nice quality books, platform Pleaser fetish shoes (UK 7!), Lady Lucie Latex (UK 8) and some other nice bits and pieces that I don't need anymore to list on eBay, including my worn stockings, for you nylon fans! I know you love to have my well-worn seamed vintage nylons straight from my feet into your hands :) I'll blog when they're up on eBay, so please add me to your favourite sellers list, or subscribe to my blog (above right) to be automatically alerted when they're ready to be bid on.

Must go and pack now, full day photography workshop to model for in London tomorrow, with four different looks to put together! I'm thinking latex, leather, and two retro lingerie looks :)