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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

#WardrobeWednesday with Bryan Shaw, Playful Promises, Fabulously Fetish, Lady Allura's Latex & Bare Skin Beauty

I started writing this blog back at Norwich Station after three days of shooting in Norfolk and by stealing free wifi from Pumpkin Cafe, and am just finishing at home now! I would have bought a cappuccino but they didn't do vegan milk >:(

Fittingly for "#FetishFriday", Friday was a bondage shoot for me! I was supposed to have another bondage shoot in Norwich the morning before, but unfortunately it was cancelled as the photographer had another emergency with his dog. Annoying situation overturned by thinking about how upset I'd be if one of my cats had to be rushed to pet hospital on the morning of a shoot, or anytime, for that matter. Poor doggy :(

In the afternoon after the cancelled shoot, I had a fashion shoot in Kings Lynn to keep me out of trouble, and the day before that, two fashion shoots in one day in different Norfolk towns! I'm so glad I get Virgin Atlantic air miles from all my train tickets!

When I was up north last week, I also worked for a lovely couple who run a slew of bondage sites. They've just bought new lights and equipment so the photos were extra nice, and they always give me time to get my hair, makeup and wardrobe just right :) Here's an outtake, in case you didn't already see it on Facebook/ Twitter/ Tumblr!

My cat isn't the only one who like to photo-bomb me!

Now for some proper modelling photos ;)

Now I'm home and have some moody black and white lingerie photos from my trip to Cambridge :) The lingerie was a gift from wonderful Playful Promises, the pendant from Lady Allura's Latex, and the amazing knee-high patent leather lace-up fetish boots were kindly lent for the shoot by Fabulously Fetish :)

 ^Click on the images to see larger versions :D

 Photographer: Bryan Shaw | Skincare & nutrition advice by Bareskin Beauty

Really enjoying  my new resolution to take the equivalent of two days off a week, like people with regular jobs do! It seems to have increased my productivity and general sense of wellbeing :) I booked off Monday - Thursday this week to compensate for two weeks without a single day off, and it feels amazing! I've been keeping up with emails of course, but that's it, other than Pilates :) Back to full-time shooting on Friday, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated :)