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Thursday, 6 March 2014

#tbt with Tim Haylock: vintage bikini babe :D

I almost always have the date an image was shot as part of its jpeg name on my hard drive, but obviously forgot with this one. Judging by the length of my hair, and the fact that it's black, I'm guessing it was taken circa 2009/10 EDIT: photographer just Tweeted me to say it was taken in 2008!:

Photographer: Tim Haylock | Styling: moi

I cut my hair yesterday so that both sides are now the same length (just below my chin in a bob). Having one side longer than the other was fun when it was short but just annoying when it started getting long. Maybe I'll grow my hair out long again, if I can maintain the condition- no mean feat considering the amount of heat, hairspray and dye my hair is exposed to.

Makeup and hairspray-free selfie to vaguely show new hair length

Felt inexplicably upbeat whilst retrieving medicinal caffeine from Costa this morning. The sun is shining, the trees are full of blossom and my 1930s lounge finally has double-glazing :p Anyone who has been to my place will appreciate how good this is. I'm not a huge fan of vintage realism, I just like everything to be beautiful and luxurious, so very happy to have a warmer, quieter lounge ready for THREE photos shoots in there tomorrow.

Merrily procrastinating now as I have finished dyeing my hair for tomorrow but still need to finish cleaning and tidying my silver satin 1940s "boudoir", before the workmen leave and I can clean an inch of dust off of everything in the 1930s lounge and move all the furniture back. Hopefully my soy cappuccino will kick in anytime.... NOW

I leave you with another pic from my Playful Promises lingerie/ Fabulously Fetish boots/ Lady Allura's Latex pendant shoot in Cambridge, this time by the lovely David Morley. We work really well together and have already booked in another shoot for the end of the month, when I'm back in the UK :)

Hair & makeup by meee | Nutrition advice and skincare by Bareskin Beauty