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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Old photos: four generations of De Bauch women from the 1920s to 2010s

I guess I'm a matriarch at heart because I'm way more interested in tracing the women in my family than the men, even though my dad's side is technically Italian nobility (they built the Tower of Pisa and if a couple of people died I'd technically be able to call myself Countess De Bauch).

Women's lives are more interesting to me, I have floor to ceiling shelves of photo books and biographies of women I admire and I love looking through old photo albums that have been passed down from my mother's side.

 My mother: bilingual pro folk singer and guitarist, Bachelor of Art, DIY expert

My mother's mother's mother posing for a photo in 1920s London: she was a lift operator in Selfridges

My mother's mother (my Nan) modelling in the 1940s 

 Me and my darling Nan at her place last summer

Happy Mother's Day :)

PS Mom if you're reading this, I'm still going to be posting #NakedSundays on Twitter and Tumblr today. Soz.