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Saturday, 25 January 2014


I have some more romantic pictures of my sweetheart and me modelling together in London :) These photos were taken at by Alison Carlino from Texas during The Societies Convention earlier this month, just days before our tenth anniversary. I know it's unusual for a couple our age to have been together so long, but hey, we're pretty unusual in general :) Alison captured us perfectly; this is what true love looks like to me, at this point in our London-y lives.

Most shoots I've done so far this month have been bridal/ couples-related!

Just yesterday, the day of our actual anniversary, I was up in York working on a big shoot for a cluster of bridal clients' SS14 collections.

The typical fashion model problem- that summer clothes are shot in winter, and winter clothes in summer- arose, resulting in 8 hours of strapless dresses in temperatures of -4°C. Even the male agency model was cold, and he was in a suit! But I think mind over matter led to some great pictures, which of course makes everything worth it :)

 Having my hair and makeup done yesterday. No Photoshop, just good skincare (Bareskin Beauty)!

My hotel room the night before

 Tired but happy to be defrosting indoors after a great shoot :)

oh, and last thing- happy Burns Night, everyone!

I don't think I'll be touching any whiskey or haggis (although the prize-winning haggis I tried on my Scottish Tour was pretty tasty!)- will champagne and strawberries do?

Anita xx