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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Vogue Italia, and an unusual assignment!

Facebook isn't letting me type anything atm, which is a bit infuriating as I need to update my Norfolk availability (see top of this page!) and wish Simon Buck and Stuart Bebb a happy birthday.

Oh well, time to blog some pretty pictures instead!

Can't believe I forgot to blog this photo by Marcus Jake from Vogue Italia's website!!!

My skin is cared for by Bareskin Beauty.

I love working with Marcus because he always comes up with such simple yet ingenious artistic concepts. This was made by shooting through a pane of glass that he's painted in preparation :) The emotional theme was feeling trapped, or rather, realising that you yourself are the only key to escaping your trap. I really enjoyed the acting/ performance art/ interpretive dance side of this shoot :)

In other news, I thought I must have covered just about every genre of modelling there is by now, until someone booked me as a male fashion model for a shoot on Saturday! It's not without precedent- I'm aware of one or two female fashion models who are also on the male boards at their agencies- but it's certainly an unusual challenge. I'm Googling images of male models (my job is such a drag sometimes) and I'm REALLY looking forward to it! I'm going to have to get my French manicure cut back, though!

Anita xx