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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A bridal fashion #WardrobeWednesday with Brett Florens

Well, Liam and I had a blast modelling together for five days at The Societies Convention! It's the biggest photographic society in Europe and we must have seen about 10 000 photographers, and were photographed by some of the world's best portrait photographers in their Masterclasses.

Our tenth anniversary is tomorrow, so I think I'll post photos of us together then, maybe when I'm on the train on my way to York! I have a full day shooting for a wedding dress designer up there on Friday, and the call time is so early that I have to go up the night before and stay in a guesthouse. I actually prefer to do shoots like that- wake up in the same town as that day's shoot, if possible- but it means Liam and I will have to celebrate our anniversary rather modestly tomorrow morning. We'll celebrate properly when I get back, probably with a night out in London :)

Anyway, here are some photos of me from the Convention, from Brett Florens' Masterclass! I did the hair and makeup and my skincare is by Bareskin Beauty.

Thank you for all lovely birthday messages sent through Facebook, Twitter and email. I couldn't reply to them all but I did read every single one and it made my day even nicer :) I got some great vintage pin-up themed gifts, including a beautiful cupless lingerie set from the lovely people at Playful Promises, and this delicious sugar-free, dairy-free carrot cake made by my friend Daniel Hubbert, "iced" with organic honey and pecans.


Spaghetti for dinner, then packing for my trip to York tomorrow, then bed!

Anita x