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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lady Allura by G Haskew, steampunk/ industrial style

I have some steampunk-esque fashion shots to share from an amazing location shoot I did for Lady Allura with Magpie Tommy. Lady Allura mostly does latex but this beautiful harness set that she kindly gifted to me is made of faux leather (I also shot it with Amy Colwell). It feels nice and tough to wear :)

Click the pics for larger versions- it's worth it for the detail in these shots :)

Melodramatic "ooh I'm lost and have a bit of a headache" model pose #759375

This weirdly looks like I've been dropped into the shot on the computer but I was really there, promise :p There was a lot of daylight hitting me from each side. You've probably seen the nudes I did here; I was further back in the tunnel for them, so my figure looks darker.

Super awesome news: I met with Perou again yesterday and we have booked our first shoot for next week, possibly/ probably with more to follow for an ongoing location project :D I won't say exactly what it is of course but just that it's EXACTLY the kind of thing I've been really wanting to do :D :D :D

Also, the special edition hardback copy of my book, The Ugly Girl's Guide to Becoming a Model, looks like it might be out earlier than predicted! :D I may technically be a writer soon, but words can't describe my happiness today.

Oh, and the sun is shining :)

Anita xxxxxxxx