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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Black #StockingSaturday by Phine Ka

Thought I'd post this little blog between shooting stills in the woods and cinemagraphs at home all day with my new-ish flatmate, Dan Hubbert. Fun fun :) Jeans, jacket and TRAINERS, definitely a new look for me!! (Admittedly my trainers have cute little wedge heels.)

So today's look is quite a contrast to these photos taken in my hotel room by another friend, Phine Ka, in January. I oddly feel more comfortable wearing bits of fringing and 6" heels than "casuals". Go figure.

As well as shooting outside, I've also been walking Dexter in all this good weather we've finally been having (apologies if you already saw these on my Facebook).

Also, I had lunch in Camden with Hannah Ashlea yesterday and we talked about boobs solidly for 3.5 hours.

Well done us!

Anita xxxxxxxx