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Friday, 14 June 2013

Anita De Bauch caught red-handed with Perou

It's been nearly a week since I blogged! If you haven't been tracking my movements on Facebook/ Twitter/ Tumblr...

The highlight of my week was definitely shooting with world-famous fashion photographer Perou, one of my favourite and most inspirational photographers of all time! It's been a dream of mine to work with him for years. Perou shoots hundreds of celebrities, supermodels, actors, and rockstars, and this week he shot me at his studio in London :)

You can read Perou's thoughts about our shoot in his blog :) Here's a teaser; more to follow!

Mmmmmmmm, blooooooooooooooood! :p

Got a good party weekend lined up- after my shoot tomorrow, I'm seeing The Bug at Koko in London, and have been invited to Perou's Clownface party in Mayfair to start Men's Fashion Week on Sunday. I think it's going to be a good weekend of music, cocktails and cute boy-spotting ;)

I have something for you, too- I'm giving away a lovely black and white canvas I found in my bedroom to one lucky member of the Anita De Bauch Facebook page. It's a share to win thing, but you have to be a member of our little page to enter, so the odds are pretty high of winning :) Good luck!

Lots of love,

Anita xxxx

PS: If you prefer me covered in blood, check this out.