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Saturday, 6 April 2013

The secret to buying cheap fully fashioned seamed stockings, both brand new and worn! #StockingSaturday

First of all: BRAND NEW stockings!

For my fellow vintage fashion vultures, I thought I'd post about the best value fully fashioned seamed stockings I've found to date for this week's #StockingSaturday!

The winner in this league for me so far are these bad boys from UK Tights, which are £15.45 per pair (usually I find thee stockings are about £20 per pair).

I can also get you guys a further (small) discount when you order, if you sign into GoGetSale using your Facebook or Twitter account. If you then find the stockings on the GoGetSale site and purchase through them, they'll give you £1 or so back to say thanks. It's absolutely free to join, and it all adds up, right? :)

I ordered two pairs in black so I could have a proper look at them as I've been disappointed with buying cheap "fully fashioned" stockings online before that turned out to be fake seamed stretchy rubbish when they arrived. Not these ones though! They are the proper non-stretch nylon, 15 denier, real seam with a real keyhole at the top, proper reinforced foot, real deals :D

I wonder if maybe the reason that they're cheap compared to their competitors is because the picture on the packaging that they actually arrived in shows a French (pointed) heel rather than the more popular Cuban (rectangular) heel, when the stockings themselves do actually have the Cuban heel. Misprint at the factory, maybe? Personally, having my stockings arrive with the wrong catalogue photo attached doesn't bother me in the least- it's what's inside that counts!! They also do the French point heel stockings for the same price here, if you prefer them, but I've not ordered a pair, just the Cubans.

Well-WORN stockings too!

There is also good news for my friends who prefer to buy stockings that I've worn :) Finding a cheaper supplier made me consider how best to pass the savings onto you. Up until now I've been selling my worn stockings for £20 per pair via, the price it cost me to buy each pair in the first place. Now I'm thinking I can dramatically reduce the cost to £7.50 per individual stocking, or £15 per pair. I'll be doing this on a trial basis initially, so order now to be sure of getting a saving!

Me playing in my Cuban-heeled stockings at home ;)

Anita xxxxx