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Saturday, 19 January 2013

I forgot to do #fetishfriday yesterday- naughty 'Nita!

So here are the Kaori's Latex Dreams photos by Julian Kilsby that I've been dying to show off! I did the hair and makeup!

Doesn't the effect make you think of snow lit by neon or fairy lights? Very appropriate for this weather! :D

You probably already saw this one on Facebook

 Now to explain why I forgot to post these yesterday...

I was too into having a 100% day off with not a stitch of work! It was amazing! London is covered in a beautiful, powdery layer of snow, there's simply no place to go, and we have the fire blazing all day!

Yes, that's me. Compare and contrast with the modelling photos if you will.

I'm happily baking organic bread and heating litres of Covent Garden veggie soups and putting the cats in their little Fairisle jumpers to keep warm- this weather is no joke for our hairless babies, even being kept indoors! They spend the day roasting in front of the fire and the night curled up by my tummy under two feather duvets and a thick satin bedspread.

Yes, they are horribly spoiled. Look at their entitled little faces.

Liam and I wrapped up in our Burberry trench coats and walked to Muswell Hill in the snow, treating ourselves to a late lunch at Toff's, the best fish and chip restaurant in London and a favourite of rockstars like Bruce Dickinson. It was the perfect weather for hot fish and chips with a cup of builder's tea!

I'm back on the health bandwagon today of course... just had a pint of Glowing Green Smoothie with added kale and pineapple for breakfast! I know that the idea of putting green veg into a smoothie sounds weird but honestly, try having it for breakfast and see how you feel!!

If you've actually read through all the waffle then I will leave you with a "bonus" picture from my last Kaori's Latex Dreams shoot with Julian ;)

I hope you're all enjoying the weather!

Anita xxxx