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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Figure studies from the Far East to the Southeast

I can't decide if this image constitutes "implied nude" through cunning foot placement or "Playboy" levels, haha, so not sure whether to risk uploading it to Facebook! This is a Blogspot exclusive! This gorgeous black and white was shot in Singapore last month by the marvellous Callan Tham. Whatever the "level", I consider it a figure study and one of my favourites to date so have saved it the "art nude" folder in my hard drive.

Back in London later that month, I shot this black and white nude with Chris Lord at Jon Gray's art nude workshop:

Yesterday was our ninth anniversary! Liam bought me a gorgeous Parisian antique mirror that I will photograph once it's hung in our new lounge, and a really romantic card that I won't share, but it is lovely :) Today we had a special day in London...

I've been missing the Luk Yu teahouse in Hong Kong so much, but dining at The Dorchester's China Tang  certainly helped ease my withdrawal symptoms!

Authentic Cantonese dim sum in a fine Chinese 1930s deco dining room- can it really be beaten by anything other than sex??

We also sampled The Dorchester's famous Peking duck pancakes! The only thing I didn't order were the steamed roast pork buns that I ate at Luk Yu. They are a bit of a naughty treat for me- I don't usually eat pork, or white flour- so perhaps it is better that I wait until my next tour of Asia before I get to indulge in any more of them ;) I may be getting called back there as soon as March, but a particular job has to come together for that to happen, so we'll see :)

 Even the deco powder room was lovely!

After lunch we stopped off at a bar on the way to the London Eye- only really worth mentioning as they gave me a shot of Smarties with my Irish coffee for no obvious reason :D

We reached the top of the Eye just as the sun was setting; it was pretty to watch all the opulent old buildings lighting up. We could see the Palace of Westminster (which I've been reading a lot about recently, must go and visit it properly soon), Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral, the MI5 building, the Shard and lots of other famous landmarks.

On top of the world!

I'm using one of the pictures I took from the very top on my phone as my cover photo on Facebook atm, where you can see Big Ben and red buses and the Thames and everything, go see!

Must go to bed now, shooting shooting shooting tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, followed by a full day of admin and errands on Wednesday!

Yours, a very loved-up,

Anita xxx