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Monday, 8 October 2012

Mae West musings...

I finally finished decorating my bedroom/ boudoir! It is difficult to do when you only have time to do the odd little bit here and there, but it's done :)

My inspiration was Rita Hayworth's boudoir in Gilda, which was all silver and sparkly and 1940s deco. I love the art deco style- it must be the chicest aesthetic in history! I prefer staying at hotels and going to restaurants from this time period and even see all my movies at The Phoenix Cinema, which is over a century old and still has all its original 1930s deco facades inside!

My bedroom is now a dreamy, sparkling silver 1940s Hollywood deco, with a satin king-size bed, crystal chandelier, and mirrors, lots of mirrors. I like to have plenty of mirrors in a bedroom- not on the ceiling or anything cheesy like that, but elegantly worked into the furniture, the picture frames, the headboard. Even the jewellery boxes on my dressing table are made of mirrors! As 1930s movie icon, Mae West, once said, "I like to be able to see how I'm doing!" Maybe that's something else I should add to my wish list- a book of Mae West quotes!

Here are some of my favourite pictures of Mae West. Her curves, complexion and cheeky demeanor remind me of my burlesque friend, Khandie Khisses, a fellow throwback lover of vintage glamour and femininity :)

I suppose that since this is a personal blog, I should chat a little about what I've been doing, other than decorating and admiring pictures of Mae West! Well, I've been very busy, as usual!

I've been:
  • working on my glamorous Christmas cards and 2013 Calendars- now that they're perfect, they're available to order from my Shop!
  • having girly nights out with Ivory Flame and Madame Bink, including taking in Nicolas Laborie's 'Confessions' photo exhibition
  • modelling for the Yerburys' famous Boudoir Academy at the Master Photographers Association/ British Institute of Professional Photography workshop
  • shopping, wining and dining with Hannah Ashlea, who was visiting from Hong Kong
  • working on the amazing members' area of, the De Bauchery Lounge, coming soon!
  • seeing David Attenborough's Who Do You Think You Really Are? at the Natural History Museum and the Marilyn Monroe exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (both highly recommended) with Roswell Ivory
  • celebrating my friend Dan Hubbert's birthday with some of my other model and photographer friends (it was also something of a housewarming as Dan is now renting our spare room so he has somewhere to stay during his visits from Stockholm!)
  • doing some fabulous vintage lingerie shoots with great London photographers! I will post the pictures here if and when I get them, so subscribe now (top right of this page)!
Love and kisses,

Anita xoxo