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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Christmas Cards and Calendars!

I just learned that two people found my blog this week by searching for "giant didgeridoo". I hope they found what they were looking for. I'm pretty certain I've never once mentioned didgeridoos, giant or otherwise, in my blog, so how did they end up here? Anyway, giant didgeridoo, giant didgeridoo, giant didgeridoo. That should fuck up Google.

The point of me writing to you this time is actually to let you know that I have two exciting new products in my Shop- chic couture Christmas cards AND a cute LATEX 2013 poster calendar! You could buy them both to make great gifts for your friends and lovers- just £7 per person to give them a thoughtful, unique gift with a little wink that will keep them thinking of you (and me) all year!

The Christmas Card (£5 for 5 cards):

Photographer: David Angel

Isn't it tasteful and gorgeous compared to all the red and green glittery cartoon Santas and candycanes you see on the high street every single year?? The only "glitter" is the sunlight sparkling through the snowy trees! There is nothing like really stylish, elegant stationery to make a good impression, and these cards work out at only £1 per friend! They also don't have any dates on them, so you could perfectly well stock up for next year!

The 2013 Calendar (£10 £6):

Photographer: Julian M Kilsby

These calendars are also a real bargain! They are the exact same size and quality as my pin-ups, but instead of being £10 each, for a limited time, they will be £6 only! Get them while you can! I'm sure one of my 2013 calendars will really brighten up your home and/ or office as well as coming in useful for remembering important dates over the coming year!

Browse my shop and order now while stocks last!

Love and kisses,

Anita xoxo